Indo-US Relations for SSB Lecturette: Check Here

Indo-US Relations for SSB Lecturette: Check Here
Indo- USA Relations

Indo-US Relations for SSB Lecturette: Check Here

Indo-US Relations for SSB Lecturette: Indo US relations also known as Indian- American relations refers to international relations between Republic of India and United States of America. Prominent leaders of our freedom movement had friendly relations with the United States which continued well after independence. The downward slide in relations between the two democracies started in 1954 when US-made Pakistan cento ally. To counter this India developed strategic and military relations with the USSR, much to the dislike of the US.

Indo-US Relations for SSB Lecturette

In 1961 India became a founding member of the non-aligned the movement to avoid involvement in the Cold war between the US and the USSR. But Nixon administration’s support of Pakistan during the 1965 Indo-Pak war affected the relations drastically which continued till the dissolution of Soviet 1991.

In the 1990s, India adopted to the unipolar world and started developing close ties with the US. Under the presidentship of George W Bush and Barack Obama, the united states showed some accommodation to India’s core interest and acknowledge its concerns. These included increase in bilateral trade, investment and cooperation on global security matters, representation in forums like the united nations, IMF, world bank, admission to missile technology control regime or MTCR and support for admission to the nuclear suppliers’ group.

Meanwhile, two important events that is a civil nuclear deal in 2008 and the signing of Logistics Exchange agreement was of great significance for closer ties between the two countries. There has been a significant increase in bilateral trade and business between the two countries. The relations were more strengthened after president Trump took
over the office. The leaders of both countries had an important meet on 22 September 2019 during ‘Howdy Modi’ event. This meeting was termed as a game-changer by many who deeply
study Indo-US relations.

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