SSB Explained

SSB Explained

SSB Explained: Know the Detailed SSB Process

SSB Interview: Know the Detailed SSB Process:  Selection means choosing a few from amongst many available and the aim of scientific selection is to choose the right person for the right job to satisfy the purpose in view. Selection is carried out mainly to meet a requirement or selection must satisfy a criterion, means suitability-based selection. In the pre- and post-independence era Armed forces, basic level of the selection process was implemented.  With passage of time, considering the rapidly expanding requirements of the Armed forces, the pressing need for a scientific selection system was felt to choose personnel who would maintain a desired standard of efficiency in handling unfamiliar situations.

Creation of SSB Process: SSB Explained

To select future potential leaders, the concept of forming a Services Selection Board came into existence. The aim of the SSB interview testing is to obtain maximum information on the candidate’s leadership potential using different methods, and tools & techniques to obtain responses.  Candidates and jobs, they perform differ in many ways, and the efficiency of an organisation depends upon the effective utilization of human resources which can be achieved only if job description and the candidate potential match each other. Utility of the individual to the organisation will also be conditioned by his trainability, potentiality and consistency in the performance of job. Considering this aspect, and to find answers to such questions, the right test is required to tap the potential of a candidate.

DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU – Officer Like Qualities

Selection process for the Armed forces is a unique model which has been created to select future potential leaders – when we say leaders, it means the candidate must have those attributes which makes him a leader with special reference to Armed Forces. To become an effective leader, a candidate must possess the following leadership attributes –

  • Intellectual Abilities – Candidate must have the ability to grasp, understand, interpret and appreciate situations with a view to find solution ranging from mundane to difficult problems.
  • Social Behaviour – Candidate must have adequate social intelligence to get along with people/in a new environment and must have the ability to work in a group.
  • Leadership Attributes –   Candidate must have the ability to initiate new ideas and suggest solutions to resolve situations. He should be confident and should nurse a keen desire to achieve high level goals.
  • Mental & Physical Robustness – Candidate must have the ability to work for a sustained period, yet keep himself physically and mentally strong. To face unfamiliar situations, one has to take risks, and that requires mental and physical courage.

Assessment of Officer like Qualities in SSB Process

Considering the job description of the Armed Forces, 15 Leadership qualities have been identified. To explore these qualities, a scientific assessment model has been created which involves Interview, Group Testing, and Psychological techniques. In brief, human behaviour is influenced by different states of mind i.e. conscious, semi-conscious, and sub-conscious, and each of these states of mind has an impact on human behaviour. For better understanding, an Interviewing Officer assess your behaviour when you are in a conscious state of mind. Similarly, in the GTO technique, he assesses how you behave in a group, and in the psychological technique, your behaviour in the sub conscious state of mind is tapped through written responses. So, how does this process work? When a candidate comes in contact with a stimulus or any of the tasks, or tool or situation he would react in a particular way and this reaction forces him to manifest his behaviour in a given situation. Through these manifestations, the assessor is able to assess leadership or officer like qualities which helps him evaluate the candidates potential to become a future leader. An illustration of the concept is as given below –

Conduct of SSB Training 

At SSMENTORS, we have designed the process which helps candidates in exhibiting or expressing his/her officer like qualities. Our real time SSB Coaching process assists candidates in achieving the following objectives –

  • Familiarity with Process – To achieve better results, understanding of the process is very essential. Once you understand the process, it helps in managing your psyche and physical energy, which takes your performance to the next level. During SSB Training Sessions, candidates are exposed to SSB like environment and made to undergo practice sessions to get familiar with the process.
  • Overcome Fear of the Unknown – Once familiarity with process increases, candidates start feeling the pulse of the process which gradually enhances comprehension and a better understanding of testing tools. 
  • Exposure to Actual SSB Like Environment – At SSMENTORS,candidates are put through actual SSB like environment to experience real time psychological test, outdoor GTO tasks and mock Interview. This in turn helps candidates in gaining confidence and the use of tasks in most optimal manner to express and exhibit officer like qualities.
  • Self – Introspection – Candidates after having undergone rigorous training, would be in a position to do self-introspection which helps them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Exercise for identification of strengths and weaknesses takes him to the next level i.e. setting short term goals to improve upon identified weak areas.
  • Train your Brain to enhance your Capability – Once we analyze the entire process of SSB, it is essential that the brain must be trained to switch from one situation to another.  To achieve this, we use scientific training methodology i.e. train your brain with NLP – the “difference that makes a difference. Through the years in school and college, candidates have become conditioned to think, act, and behave in a particular manner. Now, all of a sudden, they’re in the SSB environment which is very different – situations are completely new and unfamiliar and you are required to “think and act on your feet.” This requires preparation of a different kind, preparation with a difference and that is the reason SSB Training is become important – to get used to a new environment. While you may be prepared, you may never be prepared enough – the uncertainty and ambiguity of the unexpected will always loom large and you need to train your brain to perform against the odds.
  • During our SSB coaching or SSB training sessions, we train candidates to use proven techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP in order to train their brains to help reduce/eliminate the effects of such uncertainty and ambiguity, and help them navigate through the SSB environment with greater success. Techniques such as Anchoring, Circle of Excellence, Framing & Reframing, Subconscious Re-imprinting, and others help candidates in training their brains to build capability.
  • How to manage your Conscious and Sub Conscious State of Mind – During our training session, we lay stress on how to manage your perception, attitude and state of mind without distorting facts. How can you alter your thought process to make optimal use to exhibit the best of your abilities?

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