SSB Screening Test PP&DT with Sample Picture

SSB Screening Test : The SSB Stage one aims to find out the candidates who were found wanting in various degrees/levels and have less chance of selection even if they are retained for the full five days schedule of the selection procedure. To screen such candidates at an initial level, a scientific method consisting of a battery of tests and involving all the three assessors was evolved and introduced. It is called Stage one or Screening Test.

    • The SSB Stage one/Screening test consists of three parts:
    • Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR).
    • Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PP&DT).
    • On the Spot Conference.

Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PP&DT)

In SSB PP&DT is consisting of two parts i.e. first part picture perception test in which picture is flashed for 30 seconds and the candidates have to broadly note down basic inputs perceived in the picture i.e. the number of characters, age, sex, a mood for each character, and a brief description of the action in one minute. Once this part is completed, the candidates are required to write a story in four minutes. On completion of this part, the second part discussion test is conducted where the entire group is divided into small groups. The strength of a group is around 15 candidates. Each candidate narrates his individual written story. Subsequently, all the candidates have to discuss amongst themselves and achieve a common consensus about the common group story.

SSB  Screening Test: Sample Picture

Once the SSB PP&DT process is over. All the assessors have on the spot conference. The OIR of the candidate is read out and thereafter each assessor calls out his assessment. Then, a final recommendation is made by seeing the combination in terms of OIR and PP&DT assessment by three assessors.

Sample Layout of  Answer Sheet



Ram is a villager who went to the city to study. He completed his studies and became a graduate.  After that, he completed an MBA and joined a company.  On holidays he had come to his village and happened to interact with his old friends.  He found that they are not motivated to study and not concerned about their future career and livelihood.  He called them, sat together and motivated them to study hard.  He suggested them to work hard because hard and dedication is the only way to success.  He also made them aware of the job opportunities available in different governments as well as private organisations.  Everybody agreed to his proposal and started working hard.  He was satisfied that he could constructively utilise his leave.

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