Indo-Pak Relations: Most Important SSB Lecturette Topic

Indo-Pak Relations: Most Important SSB Lecturette Topic
India- pakistan Relations

Indo-Pak Relations: Most Important SSB Lecturette Topic

Indo-Pak Relations: Indo-Pakistan relations. Indo-Pakistan relations have been largely hostile due to the number of historical and political events. Relations between the two states have been defined by the violent partition of British India in 1947, followed by the Kashmir issue and numerous military conflicts between the two countries.

Indo-Pak Relations: Most Important SSB Lecturette Topic

Consequently, the relationship has been plagued by hostility and mutual suspicion. Currently the Jammu and Kashmir’s reorganisation bill and revocation of special status have led the relations to the lowest point ever. Soon after partition and independence India and Pakistan established diplomatic relations but the violent partition and various territorial claims overshadowed their relationship. Since independence the two nations have fought 3 wars and have seen number of military standoffs. The Kashmir issue has been at the centre of these conflicts except the 1971 war which was for the liberation of Bangladesh from Pakistan.

Improvement in Indo-Pak Relations

Since then there have been several attempts to improve the relationship- notably the Shimla summit, the Agra summit and the Lahore summit. But the relations continue to worsen due to the Siachen conflict and Kashmir insurgency since 1989 despite confidence-building measures such as 2003 ceasefire agreement
and Delhi-Lahore bus service to deescalate the tension.

Additionally, the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks carried out by the Pak militants, 2015 attack on Pathankot air base and the 2016 Uri attack on Indian military base completely de-railed the bilateral relations as also resulted in ceasefire violations across the line of control and cross border skirmishes. Even the personal visits of Prime Minister Modi to meet the then Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif to Lahore all went in vain.

Retaliation and War on terror

Finally, the Pulwama and Uri attack were the last straw on camel’s back. India retaliated by carrying out air and surgical strikes on terrorist launch pads, further escalating tensions between the two countries. And came the revocation of special status of Jammu and Kashmir in august 2019 followed by Pakistan downgrading the
diplomatic ties, suspending trade and closing air space with India.

Conclusion: Indo- Pak Relations

In the end, whatever is happening now is impacting the relationship of both the countries. To conclude I would like to say that Pakistan has never been able to reconcile with the reality of thriving secular democracy in India in its neighbourhood coupled with Kashmir issue which is the main point for Pakistan in its relationship with India.

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