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Our Approach

Selection system involves three techniques namely Psychological, Group testing and Interview. The rationale behind this three dimensional assessment is to form a holistic picture of an individual's personality. That is, by psychological technique an individual's mind/psyche is being assessed to find out the underlying personality factors that form an integral part of the self. In Group testing technique, an individual's personality is assessed when he in action, that too, when he is in group. Through interview technique, the personality assessment is done through behaviour observation and analysis of the responses when he is answering certain questions. Considering this we have designed our training module & process to ensure continious  improvement which is explained as under --

Our  Modus Operandi 

At SSMENTORS, our style of coaching is to make you understand your strength/weaknesses, training of brain to cope with new enviornment, using one's own capabilities at the right place and right time. Main features of our training is to make you understand the concept of selection, detail knowledge of officer like qualities, go through the entire process in realistic SSB look a like environment and undergo practice sessions. Our training module as shown in the graphic --

Impact of SSB Training 

Process mentioned above would help candidates in the following aspects --

  • Overcome fear of unknown
  • Familiarity with SSB process increases
  • Self introspection
  • Analysis of your own strength and weaknesses.
  • Help indvidual in training his brain to face unfamiliar environment.
  • Improve identified weaknesses

How do we ensure 

We assure you matchless methods for training candidates.

  • Individualised attention.
  • Optimum batch size ( 8 to 10 max).
  • Proven and tested content/ study material.
  • Scientific training approach.
  • Near SSB like indoor and outdoor training facilities.
  • Experienced facilitators and coaches.
  • Focus on all aspects of your personality – intellectual, social and dynamic.

Course Content Delivery 

We make sure that each candidate is exposed to SSB look a like environment . They are exposed to each and every tests/tasks of PP&DT, Psychological, GTO & Interview Techniques and put through similar process and content which they would be experiecing at SSB. Our mode of training delivery is through power point presentations, interactive sessions/discussions & individual feedback. Our process of training would focus on  the following --

  • Interview Technique - Theoritical aspect would cover how to improve your image, Dress, Body language and lastly,  Mock interview would be conducted.
  • Psychological Technique - Theoritical aspects are covered in detail.   Two complete mock tests practices and discussion of each & every response in detail in person and individual feedback is given. Continious monitoring of preparation is followed up.
  • GTO Technique -  Theoritical aspects are covered in detail and number of practice sessions of all the tasks are conducted in actual look a like conditions.
  • Conference Procedure - Candidates are exposed to mock conference procedure.
  • Picture Perception & Discussion Test - Theoritical aspects are covered in detail and practice sessions are conducted.

Our Approach

High Quality Training