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Service Selection Boards

Services Selection Board, commonly known as ‘SSB Interview’ is a Personality and Intelligence Assessment Test is conducted specifically to analyze the potential and compatibility of candidates for commission into the Armed Forces of India as officers. The interview process is usually spread over a span of five days and It consists of a series of scientific and time tested  techniques. The prime aim of selection system in SSB is to explore the potential of a candidate, which is must for becoming an officer in Armed forces. In order to be fair, the system consists of three different and independent techniques. Each technique grades and evaluates the qualities which are essential for defence services by allowing least time and under stressful condition, which is the practical requirement for an officer during emergencies like wars. These three techniques are as follows:

  • Psychological Test: These are carried out by specially trained psychologist.
  • GTO’s Tasks: These tests are carried out  on the ground in which the testing officer judges the qualities based on the performance demonstrated by candidates.
  • Interviewing Technique: The President or Deputy President interviews the candidate. He evaluates the traits of personality by the method of questions and answers.

Details of Service Selection Boards

Services SSB Center Location Name of SSB Center
Allahabad, UP Selection Centre East (SCE)
Bhopal, MP Selection Centre Central (SCC)
Bangluru, Karnatka Selection Centre South (SCS)
Ropar, Punjab Selection Centre North (SCN)
33 SSB, Bhopal, MP Selection Centre Central (SCC)
Agrani, Coimbatore, TN Naval Selection Board (NSB)
12 SSB, Bangalore, Karnatka Selection Centre South (SCS)
Visakhapatnam, AP Naval Selection Board (NSB)
Air Force
Dehradun, Uttrakhand 1 AFSB
Mysore, Karnatka 2 AFSB
Gandhinagar, Gujrat 3 AFSB
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 4 AFSB