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SSB Training

Overview of SSB

Selection of officers in the Armed forces is a vital and challenging task, which involves seeking a convergence between the organizational needs and aspirations of our youth seeking a career in the Armed forces. The system of selection entails an in-depth assessment of those basic qualities in a candidate that the officers are expected to possess to be entrusted with responsibility of human lives and all other resources that a nation can provide. It also takes into consideration the fact that, depending upon the nature and nurture, personalities may change. Also absence of a particular trait may not ba an irreversable flaw, because traits can be either or improved upon by concious effort or training.  Process of selection is scienctifically designed to assess individual personality which is explained as under -




Selection process involves three techniques. The rationale behind this three dimentional assessment is to form a holistic picture of an individual's personality. In other words, human being state of mind can be divided in to three shades i.e. concious,semi-concious and sub-concious. To tap human behaviour through various shades of state of mind, these three techniques have been designed.

Psychological technique - By  using this technique an individual's mind/psyche is being assessed to find out his underlying personality factors that form an integral part of the self.

GTO Technique -  By using this technique, an individual;s personality is assessed when he is in action that too when he is in group.

Interview Technique - By using using this technique , assessment is done through behaviour observation and analysis of the responses when he is answering certain questions.



The purpose of selection is to determine the suitability of the candidate for the job for which selection is made. The main requirement in the Armed forces is combatant personality. The job of selection therefore involves personality appraisal with specific reference to officer's like qualities. There are fifteen officer's/leadership qualities are assessed which are divided in four factors . The rationale behind of dividing qualities into four factors is to cover all the aspects of human personality i.e.  Intellectual ,  Social, Social effectiveness and Dynamic.