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Training Schedule

At SSMENTORS, we have designed the schedule of training in a such manner that will facilitate candidate to carry out self introspection and anaylse his own strengths and weaknesses. Our main highlight of training is to maintain continious learning till the last day of SSB. On completion of Stage one of interactive training, we switch over to online interactive sessions through which candidates are free to clarify their doubts online/in person and if required attend specific training session with other batches.Even we make sure that during the process of actual SSB continious contact is maintained through phone to get over issues proping up at the last minute. Detail content of programme at various stages is explained in succeding paras.

Stage - 1 ( Through Personal interaction)

  • Filling up of registration forms , completion of admission formalities & issue of testing material.
  • Introduction to Selection Process,Concept of Selection,Officer's like Qualities
  • Screening test(briefing, OIR testing, PPDT Story Writing, GD and feedback session)
  • Psychology testing(briefing, conduct of tests, evaluation of responses and interactive discussion)
  • Evaluation interview technique(Presentation, filling up of PIQ form, conduct of mock interview and personal interview of each candidate with a feedback session) 15 hrs
  • Outdoor Tasks of GTO ( Briefing, individual obstacles, PGT, HGT, Command task and Final Group Task; Deliberate practice by candidates on obstacles)
  • Indoor Tasks of GTO ( Briefing, conduct of GDs, Lecturrettes, Group Planning Exercises and Deliberate interactive sessions and individualised feedback to candidates.)
  • Personality Enhancement and improvement of social Graces ( Presentations on attitudes, power dressing, body language and mannerism etc, role plays and personalised feedback to candidates)
  • Counselling: Doubt Clearing session, Action Plan for further improvement based on presonalised feedback for each candidate.
  • Conference Procedure ( Briefing about process, FAQ's during conference)

Stage 2 - During this stage of coaching , we moniter preparation through online interaction and ensure that candidates are practising as per teaching imparted to them.

Stage 3 - During this stage, we follow up the preparation and performance prior to or during the process of actual SSB and manage  perception about his performance.

Stage 4 - During this stage, if the candidate is not able to make the grade due to any reason, He can practice and refine his skills with any other batch. For this, there will be no professional charges