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Why Us

SSMentors is a leading pedestal for SSB Interview Coaching. We aim for excellence and put our best efforts in nurturing participants for competencies required in Defence Forces. Participants from various spheres select SSMentors as we have:

  • Prolonged practical experience: We have prolonged practical experience to help candidates at various levels. We make them aware about various stages and enhance confidence to face the challenges face by them during interview or as part of profession.
  • Total dedication and Devotion: We strive hard to put our best efforts in guiding students for SSB Training . Our dedication and devotion towards each aspirant has brought tremendous improvement.
  • Committed with professional Approach: We make emphasis to encourage aspirants to enhance officer like qualities and competencies. We offer realistic and progressive training.
  • Trained assessors: SSMentors experienced trained assessors have long experience in the desired field. We aim to guide and support students at different levels.
  • Personalized Training: Our experienced trainers guide every individual with wholesome feedback at the end of each task. We timely guide them to enhance their strength and overcome their weakness. We offer realistic and progressive training
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure: Our State-of-the-art infrastructure and scientific methodologies assist candidates to overcome their weaknesses and reach their desired goals.
  • Outdoor and Indoor tasks: We have designed various outdoor and indoor tasks for aspirants to expose them to realistic conditions.
  • Promising and a flourishing career: We undertake to ensure selection as a mile stone and step on to success by sheer hard work and motivation.